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Conduct dump truck operations

Unit Descriptor This unit specifies the competency required to conduct civil construction dump truck operations. It includes the minimum criteria for competency assessment. The unit covers planning and preparation for work, the conduct of operational checks, the safe and effective operation of the dump truck for a range of mandatory tasks, and the conduct of operator maintenance and work finalisation activities.

1 . Plan and prepare
  1. Work instructions, including plans, specifications, quality requirements and operational details are obtained, confirmed and applied to the allotted task

  2. Safety requirements are obtained from the site safety plan and organisational policies and procedures, confirmed and applied to the allotted task

  3. Signage requirements are identified and obtained from the project traffic management plan and implemented

  4. Vehicle, tools and equipment selected to carry out tasks are consistent with the requirements of the job, checked for serviceability and any faults are rectified or reported

  5. Environmental protection requirements are identified from the project environmental management plan, confirmed and applied to the allotted task

2 . Conduct machine pre-operational checks
  1. Pre-start, start up, park and shut down procedures are carried out in accordance with manufacturers' and/or site specific requirements

  2. Dump truck controls and functions, including tray, articulation, brakes and manoeuvrability are checked for serviceability and any faults are rectified or reported

3 . Operate truck
  1. Site hazards associated with dump truck operations are identified and safe operating techniques are used to minimise risk

  2. Engine power is managed to ensure efficiency of truck movements and to minimise damage to the engine and gears

  3. Engine power is coordinated with gear selection ensuring smooth transition and operation within torque range

  4. Dump truck is operated to work instructions under varied site and weather conditions in accordance with safe work practices and company operating procedures

  5. Road/traffic conditions are constantly monitored taking into account of road standards, traffic flow, distance and load, ensuring no injury to people or damage to property, equipment, loads and facilities

  6. Vehicle is brought to a halt without injury to personnel or damage to property, equipment and loads, through the use of engine retarder, gears and brakes using straight line braking techniques

  7. Responsibility for self-direction to achieve finished product to job/design specification is assumed

4 . Load, transport and tip materials
  1. Vehicle is positioned at load and discharge points with a minimum of manoeuvre

  2. Dump truck movements including the raising and lowering of the tray are smooth and controlled

  3. Weight and distribution of load is assessed for type of material and size of vehicle to ensure it is within vehicle capacity

  4. Safety and security of load, including load cover requirements, are maintained from loading site to discharge site

  5. Load is discharged on slope and/or over face at fill site in accordance with company procedures

  6. Material is dumped/spread evenly in accordance with company procedures

  7. Tray is cleared, lowered and secured before resuming travel in accordance with manufacturers' instructions

5 . Carry out driver maintenance
  1. Dump truck is safely parked, prepared for maintenance and shut down in accordance with manufacturers' manual and organisational requirements

  2. Inspection and fault finding are conducted in accordance with manufacturers' specifications and/or organisational requirements

  3. Defective parts are removed and replaced safely and effectively according to manufacturers' manual and organisational requirements

  4. Regular programmed maintenance tasks are carried out in accordance with manufacturers' and/or organisational requirements

6 . Clean up
  1. Work area is cleared and materials disposed of or recycled in accordance with project environmental management plan

  2. Vehicle, tools and equipment are cleaned, checked, maintained and stored in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations and standard work practices

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?
How are activities planned and organised?
How are problem solving skills applied?
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?
How is use of technology applied?
How is team work used within this competency?

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where at least one load is prone to hangup and one to free flow

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