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Apply emergency procedures on board a ship

Unit Descriptor This unit involves dealing with on board emergencies in complex situations and during abandonment. Factors that contribute to the complexity of the emergency situation may be isolation from assistance, number of passengers or crew aboard or the size or configuration of the ship. This unit builds on the competencies described by SFISHIP212A 'Take emergency action on board a vessel'.

1 . Apply fire fighting and search and rescue techniques on board appropriate to a complex situation
  1. Personal safety during search and rescue is maximised at all times

  2. Clothing and equipment are appropriate with respect to anticipated hazards

  3. Movement and the use of lifelines and guidelines within the hazardous area are controlled and comply with accepted fire fighting practice

  4. Procedures and techniques for the use of breathing apparatus follow accepted fire fighting guidelines

  5. Search techniques thoroughly cover designated area on board and comply with accepted procedures

  6. Victim is transported successfully using the most appropriate methods with respect to her / his condition and situation

  7. Communications comply as closely as possible to recommended procedures as allowed by the circumstances of the emergency

  8. Fire fighting, air vent closures and compartment isolating appliances are located and operated in accordance with vessel's fire fighting plan

2 . Maintain watertight integrity by controlling structuraldamage
  1. Hull fabric that has been bilged is temporarily repaired using appropriate damage control devices applied both internally and externally

  2. Pipe work that is leaking is temporarily repaired using appropriate damage control devices

  3. Hatches are reinforced with appropriate damage control devices

  4. Plans to control structural damage and to establish flooding boundaries are developed as part of a team in accordance with stability information

3 . Marshal crew and passengers to abandon ship
  1. Instructions and explanations are given clearly and are in accordance with abandon ship policy and procedures

  2. Evacuation drill is carried out according to abandon ship procedures or assignment instructions

  3. Passengers or crew are accounted for against a muster list

  4. Passengers or crew are assisted into evacuation or survival equipment and craft

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