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Ensure the seaworthiness of the vessel (simplified stability criteria)

Unit Descriptor This unit involves ensuring that the watertight integrity and stability on a small vessel is maintained using simplified stability data.

1 . Maintain the watertight integrity of the vessel at all times
  1. Work is planned and carried out in accordance with established safety rules and regulations

  2. Coverage and frequency of checks and inspections on the vessel's seaworthiness complies with safety rules and regulations

  3. Degree of vessel security is commensurate with anticipated physical conditions and necessary vessel operations

  4. Action taken in anticipation of environmental changes are timely and appropriate to the change

  5. Instructions to subordinates are clear, concise and made at an appropriate time and place

  6. Powered equipment is operated in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and codes of safe working practice

  7. Actiontaken in the event of irregularities is appropriate to their significance and designed to maximise watertight integrity records on actions taken to ensure watertight integrity are complete, accurate and comply with statutory commercial and enterprise requirements

2 . Ensure the vessel's stability using simplified data
  1. Stability analysis and weight distribution planning are conducted at a time, frequency and scope appropriate to the proposed nature of the voyage or operation

  2. Weight distribution is designed to maintain the vessel within acceptable stability limits for all states of the voyage

  3. Trim, draughts and list are suitable to safely and efficiently progress all vessel operations

  4. Stability monitoring is conducted at a frequency and scope relevant to the nature, loaded state and speed of vessel operations, and is sufficient to ensure that stress and stability remain within acceptable limits at all times

  5. Action taken where weight distribution has or could exceed acceptable limits is prompt and designed to maximise ship safety

  6. Spurious or false information from stability analysis is promptly recognised

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How can information be collected, analysed and organised?3
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?2
How are activities planned and organised?2
How are problem solving skills applied?1
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?2
How is use of technology applied?1
How is team work used within this competency?2

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