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Respond to an aquatic emergency using basic water rescue techniques

Unit Descriptor This unit has been developed for the Community Recreation Industry Training Package and covers the skills and knowledge to identify and evaluate an aquatic emergency and perform a basic water rescue. These situations will usually involve an individual response.

1 . Identify and evaluate aquatic emergencies which may require basic water rescue techniques
  1. Identify and explain the factors that contribute to aquatic emergencies which may require basic water rescues

  2. Identify and explain the characteristics of a person in difficulty

  3. Communicate initial assessment to appropriate personnel in accordance with the accepted best practice principles of aquatic rescues

  4. Identify and explain an appropriate emergency response for the situation and the people involved

2 . Apply the principles of a basic water rescue when required

  1. Assess the factors involved in conducting a basic water rescue and formulate a rescue plan

  2. Consider the rescue plan, self-preservation and the safety of bystanders

  3. Determine the type of rescue required and rescue equipment needed

  4. Perform a basic water rescue in accordance with accepted best practice principles of aquatic rescues

3 . Assess the casualty and plan a course of action

  1. Observe and describe the condition of the casualty

  2. Provide treatment appropriate to the casualty's condition in line with approved resuscitation techniques and standards

4 . Record and report the incident

  1. Complete a record of the incident and the action taken using appropriate forms and in line with organisational requirements

  2. Notify appropriate other personnel and statutory authorities of the incident

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?2
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?2
How are activities planned and organised?2
How are problem solving skills applied?1
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?0
How is use of technology applied?2
How is team work used within this competency?0

Range Statement

Accepted best practice principles of aquatic rescues

Aquatic emergencies

may include

Basic water rescue

techniques would be performed by an individual and must include all of the following

Characteristics of a person in difficulty

will vary according to their situation but may include

Factors that contribute to aquatic emergencies which may require basic water rescues

may include

People involved

may include

Rescue equipment

may include

Rescue plan

the rescue plan considers the following factors

Resuscitation techniques and standards

must include

Evidence Guide

Critical aspects of evidence to be considered

Interdependent assessment of units

Required knowledge and skills

Resource implications

Consistency in performance

Context for assessment