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Plan, prepare and display a buffet

Unit Descriptor This unit deals with the advanced skills and knowledge required to design, plan, prepare and display a buffet creatively. There is a relationship between this unit and THHBCC10B Plan and prepare food for buffets which deals with the planning, preparation and cooking and presentation of food items for buffets.

1 . Plan and design a buffet
  1. Design the total concept, food items and display as required, in consultation with customers and other relevant personnel.

  2. Plan buffets according to the required theme or occasion, in consultation with customers and other relevant personnel.

  3. Select and organise an appropriate range and quantity of food items with consideration given to quality and price related to the enterprise and customer requirements.

2 . Prepare for the buffet
  1. Select appropriate service equipment, serviceware and linen to display food and decorations.

  2. Plan and arrange tables and service points so they are suitable for buffet display and service according to establishment requirements, occasion, and efficient and safe customer/staff accessibility.

  3. Prepare or organise food presentation with artistic flair and according to establishment standards and customer requirements.

  4. Select, and prepare or organise appropriate and attractive decorations and centrepieces, as required.

  5. Liaise with relevant personnel to organise preparation and conduct of buffets where required.

3 . Display food items
  1. Display food items with a sense of artistry to create customer appeal.

  2. Use garnishes and accompaniments to enhance taste and appeal.

  3. Supervise buffet service to ensure that food items are replenished, and that the total display remains neat and attractive.

4 . Present buffet in a safe and hygienic manner
  1. Identify potential health problems through cross-contamination and food spoilage and take appropriate preventative measures to eliminate these risks.

  2. Keep food on display at temperature levels as prescribed by legislation.

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?Receiving, following and giving instructions to others Communicating with colleagues and customers1
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?Ascertaining customer requirements Deciding upon options for buffets according to customer preferences and requirements2
How are activities planned and organised?Planning, organising and prioritising work tasks and responsibilities according to schedules and timeframes Ordering decorations Making arrangements with specific customers, colleagues and departments or sections2
How are problem solving skills applied?Delegating tasks to colleagues in preparing, cooking, presenting and setting up buffets Clarifying personal responsibilities Dealing with conflicts and misunderstandings Exploring reasons for communication breakdown and working out solutions in consultation with others2
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?Calculating quantities of commodities and other ingredients required for a given number of guests1
How is use of technology applied?Dealing with breakdowns in systems or equipment1
How is team work used within this competency?Using equipment for creating buffet center-pieces1

Range Statement

Buffets may be associated with various occasions and situations, they may be indoors or outdoors and may include

The design of the total concept, selection of food items and display will vary according to customer requirements, occasion and type of buffet. This should include, the following, as required

Decorations and centrepieces can be designed and made, or selected and organised according to enterprise practices or customer requests. They may be carved, moulded or assembled and can be made fro

Relevant personnel who may be involved in the design, planning, preparation and conduct of buffets may include

Evidence Guide

Essential Knowledge and Skills to be Assessed

The following skills and knowledge must be assessed as part of this unit:

Linkages to other units

This unit must be assessed with or after the following units. These units describe the skills and knowledge that are essential to this unit of competence:

It is recommended that this unit be assessed either in conjunction with or after the following units:

Critical Aspects of Assessment

Evidence of the following is critical:

Context of Assessment and Resource Implications

Assessment must ensure:

Assessment Methods

Assessment methods must be chosen to ensure that preparing food for a buffet can be practically demonstrated. Methods must include assessment of knowledge as well as assessment of practical skills.

The following examples are appropriate for this unit: