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Provide room service

Unit Descriptor This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required to provide room service in commercial accommodation establishments. This role is generally undertaken by food and beverage attendants in large establishments, but could also involve front office personnel and kitchen staff.

1 . Take and process room service orders
  1. Answer the telephone promptly and courteously in accordance with enterprise procedures and customer service standards.

  2. Check guests' names and use them throughout the interaction.

  3. Clarify details of orders, repeat them and check with guests for accuracy.

  4. Use suggestive selling techniques where appropriate.

  5. Advise guests of approximate time for delivery.

  6. Record room service orders accurately and check the information.

  7. Correctly interpret room service orders received from doorknob dockets.

  8. Transfer orders promptly to the appropriate location for preparation, where required.

2 . Set up trays and trolleys
  1. Prepare food and beverage items correctly for service periods.

  2. Prepare general room service equipment for use.

  3. Set up trays and trolleys in accordance with enterprise standards for a range of meals including:

    1. breakfast

    2. lunch

    3. dinner

    4. complimentary

    5. special requests

    6. VIPs.

  4. Select sufficient service equipment and check for cleanliness, and damage.

  5. Set up trays and trolleys so that they are balanced, safe and attractively presented.

  6. Collect all food items and beverages promptly and in the right order.

  7. Check orders and trays before leaving the kitchen and prior to entering the room.

3 . Present room service meals and beverages to guests
  1. Request entry to guests' rooms by knocking firmly on the door, and announcing the department in accordance with enterprise service standards.

  2. Enter guests' rooms upon appropriate response from guests and greet them politely and in accordance with enterprise service standards.

  3. Consult guests about their preferences for where trays or trolleys should be placed in the room and advise them of any potential hazards.

  4. Place trays or trolleys safely and conveniently.

  5. Position furniture correctly where required.

  6. Offer an explanation of the meal to guests where appropriate.

  7. Serve and place meals and beverages correctly and in accordance with enterprise procedures.

4 . Present room service accounts
  1. Check guests' accounts for accuracy and present in accordance with enterprise procedures.

  2. Promptly present cash payments to the cashier for processing, and payment.

  3. Correct change to guests where appropriate.

  4. Present charge accounts to guests for signing and charge to their room account.

5 . Clear room service area
  1. Check and clear floors promptly for used room service trolleys and trays.

  2. Return trays and trolleys to the room service area and dismantle and clean in accordance with enterprise procedures.

  3. Re-stock equipment and food and beverage in accordance with enterprise procedures.

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?Relaying guest order to kitchen and other departments for processing Communicating with guests, providing information and advice on food and wine1
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?Taking and processing a room service order1
How are activities planned and organised?Collecting used service trays and trolleys from floors1
How are problem solving skills applied?Seeking assistance where multiple orders are required for delivery at the same time1
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?Calculating guest account and change1
How is use of technology applied?Responding to a guest complaint that food is cold1
How is team work used within this competency?Processing a room service order using point of sale equipment1

Range Statement

Typical room service procedures may include

Typical set ups for room service trays and/or trolleys may include

Room service equipment may include

Information provided to guests may include

Evidence Guide

Essential Knowledge and Skills to be Assessed

The following knowledge and skills must be assessed as part of this unit:

Linkages to Other Units

This unit must be assessed with or after the following units. These units describe skills and knowledge that are essential to this unit of competence:

This unit also has a strong linkage to the following units and depending on the workplace, combined training and assessment may be appropriate:

Critical Aspects of Assessment

Evidence of the following is critical:

Context of Assessment and Resource Implications

Assessment must ensure:

Assessment Methods

Assessment methods must be chosen to ensure that procedures and process of room service can be practically demonstrated. Methods must include assessment of knowledge as well as assessment of practical skills.

The following examples are appropriate for this unit: