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Perform stock control procedures

Unit Descriptor This unit encompasses the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to handle stock in a retail environment. It involves receiving and processing incoming goods, rotating stock, participating in stocktakes, reordering stock and dispatching goods.

1 . Receive and process incoming goods

  1. Cleanliness and orderliness in receiving bay maintained according to store policy.

  2. Goods unpacked using correct techniques and equipment in line with store policy.

  3. Packing materials removed and disposed of promptly according to store policy.

  4. Incoming stock accurately checked and validated against purchase orders and delivery documentation according to store policy.

  5. Items received inspected for damage, quality, use-by dates, breakage or discrepancies and recorded according to store policy.

  6. Stock levels accurately recorded on store stock systems, according to store policy.

  7. Secure storage of goods arranged according to store policy and legislative requirements.

  8. Stock dispatched to appropriate area/department.

  9. Stock price and code labels applied when required according to store policy.

2 . Rotate stock

  1. Stock rotation procedures for merchandise and wrapping and packing materials carried out routinely and accurately according to store policy.

  2. Excess stock placed in storage or disposed of in accordance with store policy and legislative requirements.

  3. Safe lifting and carrying techniques maintained in line with store occupational health and safety policy and legislative requirements.

3 . Participate in stocktake

  1. Stocktaking and cyclical counts assisted with, according to store policy/procedures.

  2. Stock records documentation completed according to store stock control system.

  3. Discrepancies in stock recorded and reported to relevant personnel.

  4. Electronic recording equipment operated and maintained according to manufacturer's specifications.

4 . Reorder stock

  1. Minimum stock levels identified according to store policy.

  2. Stock requisition forms or electronic orders completed accurately.

  3. Undelivered stock orders identified on stock system and followed up without undue delay.

5 . Dispatch goods

  1. Goods to be returned to supplier identified and labelled with date, supplier and reason for return or referred to management if required.

  2. Credit request documentation completed according to store procedure.

  3. Goods stored securely while awaiting dispatch.

  4. Delivery documentation completed according to store procedures.

  5. Special delivery instructions noted.

  6. Items packed safely and securely to avoid damage in transit.

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?Reordering stock may require ideas and information to be communicated.1
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?Maintaining stock levels, receiving and processing incoming goods will require information to be collected, analysed and organised.1
How are activities planned and organised?Identifying stock levels and reordering requires activities to be planned and organised.1
How are problem solving skills applied?Team work may be applied when undertaking stocktake procedures.1
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?Mathematical ideas and techniques may be required when receiving goods and checking and validating delivery.1
How is use of technology applied?Problem solving skills may be applied when identifying excess stock and determining storage or return of items.1
How is team work used within this competency?The use of technology may be applied when recording stock and reporting faults and problems.1

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