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Manage personal work priorities and professional development

Unit Descriptor This unit specifies the outcomes required to manage own performance and professional development. Particular emphasis is on setting and meeting priorities, analysing information and using strategies to develop further competence.

1 . Establish personal work goals
  1. Personal work planning and organisation serve as a positive role model in the workplace

  2. Personal work goals, plans and activities reflect the organisation's plans, and own responsibilities and accountabilities

  3. Individual initiative is taken to achieve and extend personal work goals beyond those planned

  4. Personal performance is measured and maintained in varying work conditions, work contexts and contingencies

2 . Set and meet own work priorities
  1. Initiative is taken to prioritise and facilitate competing demands to achieve personal, team and the organisation's goals and objectives

  2. Technology is used efficiently and effectively to manage work priorities and commitments

3 . Develop and maintain professional competence
  1. Personal knowledge and skills are assessed against competency standards to determine development needs, priorities and plans

  2. Feedback from employees, clients and colleagues is sought and used to identify and develop ways to improve competence

  3. Development opportunities suitable to personal learning style(s) are identified, evaluated, selected and used to develop competence

  4. Participation in networks is undertaken to enhance personal knowledge, skills and work relationships

  5. New skills are identified and developed to achieve and maintain a competitive edge

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?consulting with members of work team and professional networks to obtain feedback to identify and develop ways to improve competence3
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?measuring self-performance and developing work plan3
How are activities planned and organised?developing work plan and setting own priorities3
How are problem solving skills applied?using professional networks to aid professional development and to obtain feedback3
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?using these as an aid to measure and plan personal goals1
How is use of technology applied?addressing problems related to achievement of work and development plans3
How is team work used within this competency?using technology to aid effective communication and aid development of plan3

Range Statement

Legislation, codes and national standards relevant to the workplace may include:

OHS considerations may include:

Own responsibilities and accountabilities may include:

Technology may include:

Competency standards may include:

Clients and colleagues may be:

Development opportunities may include:

Evidence Guide

Required knowledge and understanding include:

Required skills and attributes include:

Products that could be used as evidence include:

Processes that could be used as evidence include:

Resource implications for assessment include:

Validity and sufficiency of evidence requires:

Integrated competency assessment means: