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Coordinate plant shut down

Unit Descriptor This unit of competence applies to a plant technician who is performing the plant shutdown coordinator role as their primary activity. This is for a planned plant shutdown for maintenance or process activities. The technician will be implementing/executing the shutdown plan rather than developing the shutdown plan This technician would be part of a team working with technical experts, maintenance experts, contractor representatives, process/production teams and management.

1 . Identify shutdown work scope

  1. Analyse relevant information for activities intended for the shutdown

  2. Complete a list of all activities intended for shutdown

  3. Prioritise list and identify all essential work

  4. Identify conflicts between proposed activities

2 . Plan and schedule resources

  1. Identify each individual task in the shutdown process

  2. Determine resources required for each task and assign appropriate owner

  3. Determine prerequisite tasks prior to shutting down process

  4. Ensure hazards are identified and controls are in place

  5. Ensure all safety and testing equipment is calibrated and on site prior to shutdown commencing

  6. Compile a schedule to track shutdown and equipment preparation sequence

3 . Co-ordinate plant/ equipment shutdown sequence

  1. Prepare/review shutdown documentation

  2. Coordinate plant shutdown as per procedures

  3. Track plant shutdown progress.

  4. Coordinate execution of critical function test during shut down phase

  5. Coordinate equipment preparation

  6. Validate equipment is safe to handover to appropriate work party.

4 . Handover plant/ equipment to relevant work party

  1. Handover plant and equipment to relevant work group per site protocol

  2. Perform safety audits during shutdown work

  3. Record/report HSE non conformance

  4. Communicate as and when required

  5. Monitor shutdown work against critical path

  6. Monitor resource usage and take appropriate action

  7. Identify barriers to achieving shutdown critical path and negotiate solution.

5 . Communicate with all relevant stakeholders

  1. Communicate shutdown plan/schedule to operations team

  2. Attend and contribute to regular shutdown progress meetings

  3. Record and report daily shutdown activities.

  4. Ensure all authorisations required for tasks have been obtained

  5. Identify, communicate and mange HSE issues arising during execution of shut down activities

  6. Contribute to post shutdown review.

6 . Return plant to service

  1. Confirm that all scheduled work on equipment is complete before hand back is accepted

  2. Ensure equipment hand back documentation complete per site protocol

  3. Coordinate pre-start equipment integrity checks

  4. Coordinate and validate plant de-isolation and preparation for service

  5. Ensure appropriate plant start up authority is obtained

  6. Coordinate start up critical function tests as required

  7. Coordinate and record plant start up progress

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?
How are activities planned and organised?
How are problem solving skills applied?
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?
How is use of technology applied?
How is team work used within this competency?

Range Statement

Codes of practice/ standards

Where reference is made to industry codes of practice, and/or Australian/international standards, the latest version must be used.


This unit of competency includes all such items of equipment and unit operations, which are covered by the shutdown. Where only a plant area is being shut (or one plant in an integrated complex), it also includes the impact of the shut on those areas still operating.

Reason for shut down

The reason for plant shut down may include:

Organisation systems

Organisation systems applications/data bases may include:

Hazard identification tools

Hazard Identification tools may include but not be limited to:

Activities intended for shutdown

Activities intended for shutdown may come from:

Resources required for task

Resources required for task include:

Resource requirements

Resource requirements may include but not limited to:

Shut down documentation

Shut down documentation include:

Equipment preparation

Equipment preparation includes:


Communication includes:

Health Safety and Environment (HSE)

All operations to which this unit applies are subject to stringent health, safety and environment requirements, which may be imposed through State or Federal legislation, and these must not be compromised at any time. Where there is an apparent conflict between Performance Criteria and HSE requirements, the HSE requirements take precedence.

Evidence Guide

Overview of assessment

Assessment of this unit should include demonstrated competence on actual plant and equipment in a work environment. The unit will be assessed in as holistic a manner as is practical and may be integrated with the assessment of other relevant units of competency.

Typically this unit will be assessed by a shutdown planning project. As shutdowns may not occur with sufficient frequency or planning to allow for assessment of all elements, performance criteria, required skills and knowledge, simulation may be required to assess some aspects of this competency.

This unit of competency requires a significant body of knowledge, which will be assessed through questioning and the use of what if scenarios both on the plant (during demonstration of normal operations and walk throughs of abnormal operations) and off the plant.

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

Competence must be demonstrated in the ability to undertake a structured analysis of the activities to be completed during the shutdown and then undertaking the coordination in a systematic manner.

Consistent performance should be demonstrated, in the following:

Context of and specific resources for assessment

Assessment will require access to an operating plant over an extended period of time, or a suitable method of gathering evidence of operating ability over a range of situations. A bank of scenarios/case studies/what-ifs will be required as will a bank of questions, which will be used to probe the reasoning behind the observable actions

Method of assessment

Typically this unit will be assessed by performing a shutdown coordination project. Assessment should be evidence based through direct observation and the compilation of an evidence portfolio to support the Elements, Performance Criteria, Skills and Knowledge requirements of this competency

It may be appropriate to assess this unit concurrently with other relevant units

Guidance information for assessment

Assessment processes and techniques must be culturally appropriate and appropriate to the oracy, language and literacy capacity of the assessee and the work being performed.