Follow work procedures to maintain quality

Unit Descriptor

1 . Monitor quality of work outcome
  1. Quality requirements are identified

  2. Inputs are inspected to confirm capability to meet quality requirements

  3. Work is conducted and monitored to produce required outcomes

2 . Identify and report unacceptable inputs and/or outputs
  1. Work area, materials, processes and product are routinely checked to ensure compliance with quality requirements

  2. Unacceptable quality is identified and corrective action is taken within the level of responsibility to maintain quality standards

  3. Quality variation is reported according to workplace reporting requirements

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?
How are activities planned and organised?
How are problem solving skills applied?
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?
How is use of technology applied?
How is team work used within this competency?

Range Statement

Evidence Guide

Ability to:

May include ability to:

Knowledge of:

May include knowledge of:

Relationship with other standards

Pre-requisite units

There are no pre-requisite units for this competency standard.

Co-assessment of related units

This unit should be assessed together with other units of competence relevant to the work role. This may include:

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Assessment requirements

For information on how to assess this competency standard and who can assess, refer to the Assessment Guidelines for this Training Package.