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Inspect, fold and pack theatre linen

Unit Descriptor This unit covers the final checking and inspection of clean theatre linen to ensure customer requirements and quality standards have been met. It includes the sorting, folding and packing processes

1 . Check and classify cleaned theatre linen
  1. Environmental standards for packing of theatre linen are applied and maintained

  2. Clean theatre linen is checked for grease/stains/lint, identifying markers, damage and/or quality/wear in accordance with enterprise procedures

  3. Reject linen is classified for rework, where required

2 . Fold theatre linen
  1. Product is folded according to hospital theatre specifications and/or relevant Australian Standards

  2. Hospital and laundry linen coding systems are applied

3 . Pack product for dispatch
  1. Package content requirements are determined

  2. Packs are configured according to hospital theatre and laundry procedures

  3. Packs are wrapped according to hospital theatre requirements/specifications

  4. Final finish of theatre packs is assessed in accordance with enterprise procedures

  5. Packed product is recorded and documented according to laundry requirements

4 . Dispatch product
  1. Protective covering requirements for products are determined

  2. Products are loaded into transport equipment using safe manual handling techniques

  3. Orders are assigned according to transport requirements

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